Giving of Thanks

Every so often I get asked what I am doing for the upcoming holidays. Although I am developing a rhythm, there are still some days I don’t even know what I will be doing for work that day. Plans alter and change rather quickly. Any plans for the holidays just have that many more variables and unknowns.

Today is the traditional American Thanksgiving. Here, it is just another work day.  At some point late this afternoon I hope to head over to the house of an American family nearby and see what merriment and chaos may be found there. It will be different that normal, but it was always normal for my family to do things differently. Our most established tradition was never doing things the exact same way twice; not by direct design, but rather by dancing with the variations of life. 

On this day, one thing I am very thankful for is technology that allows me to still be able to see, speak, and play with my family and friends from 6 time-zones away. 

So as you walk through traditions, or dance along with the changes life brings, what things are you thankful for?

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