The good, the bad, and the random


The good:

After 2 and a half months, I was finally able to obtain my Belgian ID card. From phone plans to library cards, many things require having this card in addition to it being a requirement for anyone residing here. So after about a half dozen trips to the town hall, I was greatly relieved to have everything in order and the card in hand.

The bad:

Looking at apartments and calculating numbers, I realized it doesn’t make since to sign a contract for my own place until my monthly support coming in can match it. Currently living in a room in someone else’s house, I am able to live within my means. It is hard though, like trying to function without ever getting a full nights rest, just cat naps here and there. Eventually I need a place I can call my-own-home; until then I pray for strength to wait for His timing.

The random:

Having receiving a gift of a phone just before leaving the US so I could have a working phone that didn’t cost me tons of money, I am slowly figuring out how to make it work. The latest accomplishment was how to transfer pictures from the phone to my computer. Now I can start adding photos to my updates (provided I do better at actually taking pictures.)

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