Two Months

It has now been 2 months that I have officially been here in Belgium. I am still amazed at the support people have given to get me here even when the hassle of visa paperwork took months longer to complete then seemed reasonable. Here is a quick overview of the main things going on. 

Firstly, finding a place to live. The couple I am currently staying with have been very generous in looking after me while I look for a place of my own that I can make into a home for a longer time. We have managed to narrow down the search to a neighborhood that seems strategically central to the different areas I will be serving, now we just need to find the right apartment available. I especially want to find a place soon so I can spend less energy looking (and trying to make do in the mean while) and more time serving others.

Secondly, the past few weeks I have begun language learning. The method I have been instructed to use is designed to build language skills primarily through learning sentences and practicing with many people. It is a very interesting concept, and deserves a post of its own soon.

Thirdly, and dearest to my heart, I have started building relationships with those already involved with the women I long to help. There are several organizations I have crossed paths with who are focused different aspects and working in different areas. I hope to go to a conference in October to further network and get a better since of what is happening and what is still most needed. 

The one organization I have worked the closest with, I have not only been able to lend some assistance in getting one of their safe houses closer to ready, I have also been able to meet with a handful of women who are actively building relationships with those in need and connecting them with the help they require. The more I get to know these few women, the more I am inspired by the love they have shown and the time they put into reaching out. I pray regularly for them and those they are in contact with. Although it is not my place share more of their stories, will you join me in praying for them as well?

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