Last week I arrived in Belgium after a tiring but uneventful flight. The next few days were a struggle against jet-lag and exhaustion as I began the work of getting reacquainted with life and ministry here. Currently I am staying with a couple that lives a stone’s throw from the ministry center while I look for more long term housing. 

Monday I met with the head of another ministry that is already working in the areas I would like to help with. I have a general idea of what ministry might look like but the actual specifics of how that will turn out are still in the planning stages. 

I had intended to look for a place in the Flemish speaking north of Belgium where some ministry is already happening, but it may be more strategic to live closer to the French speaking South where future ministry is likely to grow. I really need God’s direction to find a place I can make into a home that meets my needs and compliments ministry well. 

Thank you all for standing with me as step out to see God’s love made real to those who need it.

One thought on “Arrival”

  1. Christa
    So good to hear of your safe arrival!
    I will share this latest news with my small group.
    We are meeting on 8/11 for a final breakfast group and to gather some items to send to you there!

    Prayers for continued wisdom and smooth transitions!

    Aunt Terry

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