Waiting and Return

Last June I arrived back in the States eager to return to Belgium and begin ministry there. A few weeks later I received an email containing a list of the paperwork needed to get the Visa required to enable that return. I figured it would take about 3-4 months to get everything in order and be on a flight back. Well, that is what I hoped.

Of the items on the list I was responsible for, I had most of them by the end of September, but not all of them until the middle of November. I thought the team in Belgium would be able to finish the items they were responsible for soon after. As it turned out, they had as much trouble with their paperwork as I did; mid-April brought a package with their completed paperwork. A couple more weeks to tie up loose ends and put everything together and I sent the full application to the Embassy at the beginning of May, and began the wait for their approval or denial.

More waiting. 

A year is a long time to wait – not knowing what the next month will bring, or sometimes the next week, or the next day.

I’ve been able to visit some and catch up with family and friends, and spent a lot of time praying and reading my Bible. Additionally, I been able to read a lot of other books, watched a lot of The Bible Project videos (you should check them out!) and online teaching and sermons (Door of Hope in Portland has a lot of good ones), worked on some miscellaneous crafty projects, and crocheted blankets for my nieces and nephews (I am currently in the middle of my 10th.)

Now it looks like the long wait is coming to an end.

Last week I received my Visa from the Embassy and a few days later acquired a ticket for the first week of July.

Now for the frantic packing and the start of the next adventure!

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