Hello, friend! I am glad you are here.

If you know me at all, you know I am a creative sort with a wide variety of interests. However, beyond all my interests and hobbies, my passion is using my gifts to help others.

Recently I relocated to Belgium to serve trafficked women here, with the dream of building relationships with them so I can help them to find the resources they need to heal, to find hope, and to gain freedom. And, to be most effective, I aim to nurture healthy communities that can love, care for, and support them long term.

This blog is a place where I can share glimpses of my journey. Every 2-3 weeks I will give a short update. Sign up to my email list if you wish to follow along and also receive information I cannot always share publicly.

My Story:

Growing up in rural Northern New York gave me a wonder for nature and exploring the wild. The communities there nurtured me and guided my passion to serve others and help them grow in all aspects of life, both as individuals and in communities.

Investing over 14 years in camp ministry gave me a lot of experience evaluating the needs of others, helping them learn new skills, and establishing environments conducive to growth. It also taught me the value of building trust and how crucial that is for effective ministry.

I have had the opportunity to serve overseas a few times, including 2 years in Montenegro. These experiences helped me gain better understanding and appreciation for different backgrounds, challenged me to find creative ways to minister, and reinforced the desire to connect the people at home with what God is doing in other countries.

More and more I am finding art useful in ministry context; whether it be personal growth or building community. The opportunity to use arts to share God’s love with the people in Belgium fills me with excitement and I look forward to being able to give of myself for this purpose.

I know the task before me is no easy thing. Although I have never been afraid of hard work, I realize following God will always push me beyond myself. It is not my own strength but God’s faithfulness I trust.

So as I step out, I hope I may be an encouragement to you as well. What can you do to build up those around you?